Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Bern Real Estate

So, How are Home Sales in New Bern and Craven County?

Let's take a look
Total Number of Home Sold through 5-15-14 in Craven County,
not including new construction, =286.

Home sales through 5-15-13 in Craven County, not including new construction, = 323.

The fact that home sales are down 11% is a little disturbing, however, I believe some of that is attributable to the bad weather we experienced this winter and I think we will make some of that up this summer.

93% of all Sales Year To Date (YTD) 2013 were under 300K.

 YTD 2013- 22 of the homes sold for over $300,000.
 YTD 2014 -22 of the homes sold for over $300,000.

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Here's Some GOOD News 
 Avg. Home Prices are Slightly Up

$158,391 average in 2013
$161,667 average sell price in 2014

That is a 20% decrease in new home sales. This does not surprise me. Some reasons new home sales may be down.

1. There are plenty of newer homes to choose from.
2. Bad weather during the first quarter.
3. And, the biggest contributing factor in my opinion is Marines are opting to rent vs. buy.

50 new homes have sold so far through 5-15-14

62 new homes sold in through 5-15-13

$188,689 was the average sales price of a new home so far in 2014

$184,211 was the average sales price in 2013, so we are slightly up on pricing.That is good news. While the number of homes sold are down, New Home sales prices are up almost 2.5%. I am sure builders welcome this news.

This Trend toward Renting Vs. Buying Opens Opportunities for Investment Buyers looking to purchase homes to hold as rentals. You can make great returns on your investments. We have one Investor client that has purchased 5 homes and he let's us manage them and he makes great money. Obviously, he would not continue to purchase more homes if the system did not work. He does not want to deal with tenants and collecting rents, so he leaves it to the professionals, us. 

IF you buy the right home in the right neighborhoods, we can  get you a good tenant. I can spot a deal when I see it, so if you have an interest in investing in real estate, let me show you how you can make a lot more money than in the stock market or by having your money sitting in a bank earning next to nothing. And, you do not have to do any of the work, we do it for you.

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There is talk about Fannie and Freddie, loosening up the regulations on financing. If they do it will help home sales in the short term, however long term it could lead to more foreclosures which we don't need.

Speaking on foreclosures, lets see how Bank Owned sales are going this year.

1-1-14 through 5-15-14.  Bank owned homes sold=97

1-1-13 through 5-15-13.  Bank owned homes sold=129

That is a 24.8% decrease. Once again, this is in line with my prediction earlier in the year that Bank Owned sales would decrease. They just about had nowhere to go but down. My wife hates it when I am right, she begrudgingly calls me Nostradamus, but at any rate this is good news for all of us.

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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Historic Homes for sale in New Bern

Historic Homes For Sale in New Bern

I was recently showing some historic homes for sale in downtown New Bern as well as historic Riverside and thought I would share what I consider the top 4 for sale.. The links below will give let you see photos and information about these very unique homes for sale. If you have any interest or would like additional information please give me a call at 252 514 9157 or send me an email at

The first home is located on Queen Street in historic downtown New Bern. We have been getting a lot of interest in this home as it is the best value in the downtown area. Click the link below to view the listing sheet on this home.

The next home is located on National Avenue in historic Riverside. The Riverside community was the first real subdivision located outside of the downtown area. The first homes were built in this area  around 1890. Most of the homes were built from 1910-1935. Riverside is only a mile or so from the downtown area and homes here are quite affordable. Many of the homes are in need of renovation, however the 3 shown in the link below are in move in ready condition. The heavy lifting has already been done. 

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