Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have lived in Eastern North Carolina long enough to know that although spring is tempting us, it is not quite here yet. Despite the fact that the azalias are blooming about as early as I can remember, I bet we will get some frost before warm weather is here to stay. Nevertheless, when I hear the birds chirping in the morning as I leave for work it makes me long for the river.

Last fall my wife suprised me with a kayak and I fully intend to start using it when it gets just a touch warmer. It has long been my intention to explore some of the small creeks that flow into the Trent River, especially up around the Riverbend area. Speaking of Riverbend, I think you will find the most house for your money in Riverbend. Incorporated in the early 1980's it has about everything you could want in a community and the homes are very affordable. Golf, tennis, boating, fishing, walking, and jogging, you name it. Check it out on my website,, or call me and I will give you the nickle tour.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The beautiful NC mountains

While traveling in the NC mountains along HW441 in Cherokee NC I was startled to see a male elk grazing on the side of a mountain about 100 yards off the road. This was the first time that I have seen an elk and they are truly magnificent animals. I later found out they were native to the NC mountains, as were bison, but were hunted to extinction in the 1800's.
Interestingly enough, I also recently saw, for the first time, a pair of bald eagles fishing at Lake New Bern. I had heard of bald eagles nesting in the Croatan Forrest area but was shocked to see a pair in town. Our local bird expert, Dr. Bob Holmes, told me that the pair nest about a mile away on the Neuse River. While we have done a better job of cleaning up the Neuse and Trent Rivers there is still room for improvement.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The beautiful NC mountains

My wife and I are heading to the mountains for a much deserved vacation. The mountains of NC are often overlooked as a tourist destination. Most folks from up north think of the beaches when they think of NC, overlooking the fact that Western Carolina has the highest mountains on the east coast. My only problem with the mountains is that they are a long way off, about 7 hours from New Bern. Although I would never move from New Bern and the beautiful rivers, when my ship comes in I might have to have me a cabin in the mountains.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tonight my Sister in Law was in town and my wife and I took her to dinner at the Harvey Mansion in historic downtown New Bern. The Harvey Mansion is my favorite restauarnt n downtown New Bern. This 9000 square foot home, built in 1797, is one of the last remaining structures in New Bern representing the prominence of the town as a thriving colonial seaport.
This 3 story home has all he fine woodwork that you would expect in a home build by ship carpenters, and the food is the best in town. Great dining experience.