Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have lived in Eastern North Carolina long enough to know that although spring is tempting us, it is not quite here yet. Despite the fact that the azalias are blooming about as early as I can remember, I bet we will get some frost before warm weather is here to stay. Nevertheless, when I hear the birds chirping in the morning as I leave for work it makes me long for the river.

Last fall my wife suprised me with a kayak and I fully intend to start using it when it gets just a touch warmer. It has long been my intention to explore some of the small creeks that flow into the Trent River, especially up around the Riverbend area. Speaking of Riverbend, I think you will find the most house for your money in Riverbend. Incorporated in the early 1980's it has about everything you could want in a community and the homes are very affordable. Golf, tennis, boating, fishing, walking, and jogging, you name it. Check it out on my website,, or call me and I will give you the nickle tour.
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