Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun in downtown New Bern

Last Friday night I met my wife for our Friday night date in downtown New Bern. Our last 4 Friday night dates we have dined at Fred and Claires and have thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and the company. After eating we were both tired and just about ready to go home when I remembered that a friend of mine who plays bass guitar in a through together band was playing just down the street at the Trent River Coffee Shop. Reluctantly she agreed to go check it out.

The band was on break as we walked in so we bought a cup of coffee and found a seat. After a few minutes the band cranked back up and it was not long afterword that we both were glad that we decided to stay up past our bedtime.

City alderman Dana Outlaw was the bass player, local author Phil Bowie was on violin or at least it looked like a violin to me. City planner Bernard George played the bongos, and life time New Bernian Dan Jenkins was playing harmonica. Add two guitar players, one acoustic and one electric, and you had a somewhat weird combination of instruments that yielded quite a unique and pleasing sound that everyone seemed to enjoy. They played mainly country, southern rock music with an occasional Beetles woven in. The band's name was Cold Biscuit. Check them out. Especially if you are over 45. I'm sure they will be back downtown.
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