Friday, January 30, 2009

Greenberg is an idiot

Jeff Greenberg is a travel editor for the No Brain Corporation, better known as NBC. Recent comments made by the the No Brain Corporation editor pertaining to New Bern NC help prove journalism is dead in America. His comments make it clear he has never visited this area and like most of the drive by media today, he gets his data second hand from the Internet.

I have lived in New Bern my entire life and have swam, fished, and boated on the Trent and Neuse Rivers since I was a kid. I live on the Trent River and during the warm months I spend several days a week on the water. This past summer the rivers were the cleanest I have ever seen them. We saw species of fish in the New Bern area that I have never seen before. Pods of dolphin were common all the way to Fairfield Harbor and shrimp were caught in Wilson Creek which is 5 miles up the Trent River. Hardly the cesspools that Greenberg would make them out to be.

I suggest before the No Brain Corporation, NBC, trash a beautiful city such as New Bern they actually visit it. Has anyone at this dying media outlet ever read a real report about this area which is consistently rated one of the top retirement and travel destinations in the country.
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