Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Bern NC Real Estate- 4 reasons homes do not sale

Below I have listed some of the top reasons that homes do not sale. In todays competitive market place you cannot afford to make a mistake in any of these issues.

1. Price-The failure to price your house correctly is the number one reason for homes not selling. Many sellers want to price for yesterdays market but that won't work. Price it right from the start.
2. Poor marketing. Is your realtor a professional when it comes to marketing? Are they internet savy? If not find one.
3. Is your house difficult to show? If so you better correct that. If not Realtors will avoid it like the plague. It's a competitive real estate market and you need to understand this. Don't make it hard for the realtors to show your property.
4. Stigma- If your property is stigmatized for any reason, price, condition, ect. buyers and realtors will avoid the property. Find out from your realtor if your house has any issues that need to be addressed and take care of them immediately.
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