Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Bern NC closings

There were 16 homes and or properties sold during the week of March 2 through March 6. This was down from 29 closings the week before. For the year to date sales are off by 38 percent.

What does this mean for you. Well, if you are a buyer great news. Interest are near a 60 year low, leanders are still leaning if you have good credit, and prices are more reasonable.

Should you buy a house in New Bern or Havelock now?I think it is a good time to buy if you need a home. Sure real estate prices could slide a little but if interest rates go up it could more than offset and decrease in real estate prices. So the expert, me, says buy now.

On the seller side it is a different story. Unless you have a very unique piece of property you are going to have to get real with the pricing of your home. I am seeing to many homes priced for the market we were experiencing 2 years ago. Get real with your price if you wantto sellin todays buyers market.
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