Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Home sales in New Bern

It is a tough world out there for homebuilders throughout the country. Craven and Pamlico Counties are no exception. Just look at the statistics for sale of new homes over the last 4 years.
1. 2006 Jan.1-May 28 233 new home sales.
2. 2007 Jan.1-May28 213 new home sales
3.2008 Jan.1-May 28 118 new home sales
4. 2009 Jan.1-May 28 92 new home sales. As you can see new home sales are down 60% from 2006. On the plus side the inventory of new homes is down from last year but with current absorbption rates there is well over a year inventory. While that is not good for homebuilders it is good news for homebuyers. With plenty of homes to choose from and the lowest rates we have seen in over 60 years if you need a home now is the time to pull the trigger.
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