Sunday, January 09, 2011

Save a home today

The current crisis in the United States housing market; combined with the worst economic recession since the Great Depression; is causing a record number of home foreclosures in many regions of the nation. Some areas are faring better than others; but no state or region has been immune. If you or someone you know is among the millions today affected by the prospect of foreclosure, understand that you are not alone. The depth of the housing crisis; combined with the likelihood that the economic recovery will be a slow one; will result in more and more distressed propertie for several years to come.

A foreclosure can have devistating consequences for a homeowner. Not only will their credit be damaged for at least 7 years; some employors will hesitate to hire someone with a foreclosure in their financial history. Unfortunately, too many homeowners facing foreclosure proceed without a Realtor that is trained in the arcane financial science of short sales. A;s a result homeowners often do not get the best advice they need to avoid foreclosure. Now more than ever, you need to find an advocate for you and your family's interests, one who is prepared to handle your specific needs. A CDPE has that training.

Real estate professionals with the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Designation have trained extensively to understand the options, solutions, and effective methods for dealing with homeowners facing hardships. Don't risk your financial future and the potential sale of your home with a Real estate Agent who does not have the training to be successful in this area of real estate. Steve tyson has completed the necessary training to become a certified CDPE. Call Steve today or visit his website at for more information.
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