Thursday, November 29, 2012

Real Estate Sales in Craven County for the past year

The following data shows a picture of the overall market in all of Craven County. My take is that it is still a strong buyers market. Combine that with unbelievable interest rates it is a great time to buy Real Estate. Not such a great time to sell, but homes are selling everyday.

  • 830 homes currently for sale.
  • 894 homes sold in the past year.
  • 109 Commercial buildings and commercial lots for sale.
  • 17   Commercial buildings and commercial lots sold in the past year.
  • 463 Lots and or land for sale.
  • 90   Lots and land parcels sold in the past year
I am hearing chatter about the Real Estate Market improving nationally, however the markets that seem to be improving are the markets that were hit the worst and just about had no where to go but up. My gut feeling is that we are bouncing along the bottom and where we go from here will depend on the amount of foreclosures dumped in the market and the stability of the job market.
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