Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Bern Home Sales-Aug.12-Aug.18

Weekly Update-Home Sales for New Bern-Craven County Market

There are currently 1099 homes for sale in Craven County.

In the past week, 16 homes closed in Craven County. (week ending 8/18/13)
$65,000.00-$100,000=4 sales.   In this price range there are 172 homes for sale!
$100,001-$150,000=5 sales.   In this price range there are 235 homes for sale!
$150,001-$200,000=3 sales.   In this price range there are 260 homes for sale!
$200,001-$250,000=3 sale.   In this price range there are 160 homes for sale!
$250,000-$300,000=1 Sales.   In this price range there are 69 homes for sale! 
$300,001-$1,000,000=0 Sales. In this price range there are 203 homes for sale!  

Of the sales in the past week, 3 were waterfront homes. They were all low end townhomes. They sold for $85,000. $88,500, $122,000.

Of the 16 sales this past week 1 was a Bank Owned properties. 

There were no waterfront lots sold in the past week.

There were 1 interior lot sold last week.

There were 0 commercial buildings or lots sold in the past week. 

Here is how the sales this week compare to sales for the same week in prior years.

2013=16 sales
2012=23 sales
2011=22 sales
2010=18 sales
2009=21 sales

As you can see from these numbers, sales in 2013 during the past week were less than any of the previous 4 years. I am not sure why this is the case, but  I will speculate that it is because the economy is still weak in many parts of the country and unemployment remains high.

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