Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home sales in Pamlico County

Good news. Pamlico County home sales are up. Below are home sales in Pamlico County for the past few years. As you can see they are heading in the right direction.

9-27-12 through 9-26-13=112 homes sold

9-27-11 through 9-26-12=93 homes sold

9-27-10 through 9-26-11=86 homes sold

9-27-09 through 9-26-10=74 homes sold

9-27-08 through 9-26-09=66 homes sold

Not really sure why sales are up. However I will speculate that because Pamlico was hit harder than Craven in the housing bubble, perhaps their rebound is a little more lively than ours. Whatever the reason, sales are rising.

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