Thursday, October 02, 2014

New Bern Real Estate News

Today is October 2nd, 2014

Here is the Latest New Bern Real Estate News

It has been a hectic week for us, and I mean that in a good way. We had a closing on Monday, two closings on Wednesday, and a closing on Thursday. It has been hard work and we are doing really well this year. OK, I know what you are thinking.

What people do care about is the housing market. It is a huge part of our economy and for most of us, a huge part of our personal net worth. So let's look at the data and see how the overall real estate market is doing in the greater New Bern area.

Homes sold in the last year=1152
Average days on market before sold=152
Average sales price=$172,052
Now lets look at the year before.
Homes sold the year before=1098
Average days on market before sold=161
Average sales price=$164,293

According to this data, we are moving in the right direction. This housing recovery has been, and will likely, continue to be timid. If you are buying, there are still good deals out there, but not quite as many as a year ago. Also, interest rates remain low. I closed a VA loan this week at 3.84%.

If you are selling, get your home in really good shape. There is a lot of competition out there and if you want to be in the game you must be priced right and the home must show well.

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