Sunday, April 15, 2007

Highway 70 E crossovers

As many residents in Township 7 can attest traffic in the James City area is starting to resemble a large city at certain times of the day. Traffic in the HW 70 corridor from James City to Morehead is expected to double in the next 10 years. You might have noticed DOT working in James City this past week as they will be closing 8 median crossovers. Their stated purpose for these closings will be to enhance safety on the 70 corridor and facilitate the flow of traffic. Two median closings will be replaced with directional left turn lanes that will have a left turn lane that will allow left turns from the highway, but will prevent crossing from the service roads to make a left turn onto the highway. The directional left turns have been funded for the Garner Road intersection and the Grantham Road intersection. I'm told that others will be installed as funding are available and the DOT studies show the need.
The median crossovers that will be completely closed are,
1.Franco's Pizza
2.Williams Nursery
3.Trent Cadillac
4.New Bern Mazda
5.70 East Pawn
6.United Self storage
7.The median east of Fisher Road
8.Kicking Machine before you get to Catfish Road.
The directional left turns will be located
1.Grantham Road.
2.Gardner Road.
The stoplight at the interection of Taberna will be getting a high speed long vehicle detection device installed in the East bound lane only. This device detects if large trucks are going to fast to stop and will keep the light green until they pass. This is suppose to be installed within 3 months.
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