Saturday, April 28, 2007

Storm Water

As a County Commissioner I get more calls about drainage problems than about any other problem. Many people are not aware that the Counties in North Carolina are not responsible for drainage along side streets and Highways. This is the responsibility of the department of transportation.
With the current and foreseeable budget problems at the DOT their position is that they are not concerned with standing water and slow drainage in ditches, and unless the water actually comes high enough on the roads so as to present a danger to traffic, they are not concerned with overflowing ditches.
There are several reasons contributing to the NC DOT taking this position.
1. Budget shortfalls
2. The inmate labor that used to help with keeping the ditches clean is harder to come by.
3. Increasing stringent enviromental regulations are preventing keeping feeder streams cleared.
I hate to say it but this problem will continue to get worse, especially in Township 7,where much of the developement is taking place. As more and more inpervious surface replaces what used to be wooded areas the water that is shed will be forced into overtaxed ditches.

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