Friday, June 07, 2013

New Bern Home Sales by the month

Home Sales this 2013 through 5-31-13

January           2013=84                2012=58         2011=84

February        2013=103              2012=85         2011=83

March           2013=112              2012=110        2011=109

April             2013=129              2012=108         2011=119

May             2013=147              2012=116         2011=116

Looks like 2013 is up every month so far. However, the amount of Bank Owned sold so far this year is up by 55 units compared to last year over the same period. While it looks to me that in general home prices are not decreasing, in my opinion Bank Owned sales will need to start decreasing before we start to see home prices rise in our area.


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