Friday, August 01, 2014

New home sales in the New Bern area

New Home sales in New Bern

So, how are new home sales in the New Bern area? Not so great according to the latest data. Lets take a look at the last 3 years.

2014= 92 new units sold
2013=106 new units sold 
2012=144 new units sold 

Below is a list of new homes for sale. 

Still a tough market for new homes, but it in line with my prediction back in January. The demand for new homes is just not there right now. And it likely will not come back in the immediate future. For now, there are plenty of newer homes for sale priced reasonably. And many buyers are opting to buy these in lieu of buying or building a new home. 

There is some potential good news in the wake of all this. Several high end builders I have spoken with lately have told me they are talking to folks that bought lots some years ago and are now ready to build. I certainly welcome that news, building employs a lot of of workers, many that have been under employed for years.

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